About this service

Boardnames is a newly developed, simple and targeted arena for the recruitment of board positions.

The purpose is to facilitate for private businesses, organizations and public sector bodies to find the right competence in the right place at the right time.

This platform will safeguard the interests of professionals and at the same time make them visible as relevant board talents for board selections. The market is constantly evolving and there will always be a need for new and updated expertise. We know that there are many relevant and resourceful persons who are not considered when board memberships are to be filled.

Our goal is to help change this by making relevant candidates more easily available. This can be as an alternative or substitute to traditional methods of search.

Boardnames contributes to greater diversity by enabling a larger number of candidates, providing more alternatives for clients. The platform ensures the best available selection of relevant candidates in the strategically important processes of board recruitment.

The platform makes the desired competence searchable, clarifies mutual interest and facilitates that both the company’s needs and any statutory requirements are met.

Who we are?

Behind Boardnames are three people with a burning commitment to proper recruitment processes, innovation and organizational development.

We complement each other with different professional approaches, different backgrounds and different personalities.