membership at Boardnames
- It's about identifying the right person for the right seat

To be able to use Boardnames’ services, you must first register as a member. You can simply do this using your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, or by registering your own username and password.

We operate with the following types of memberships:

Candidate membership

A free service for anyone who wants to make themselves available for board positions. Membership makes the candidate more visible by all approved clients, for positions as a board member, chairman of the board, board advisor or as a member of an advisory body.

Client membership

A «no cure no pay» service that provides access to searches on all registered candidates in the database. All applications will be tailored to the client’s specific criteria and wishes to ensure the right competence for an open board position.

All candidates are treated anonymously and will be contacted by Boardnames to verify their credentials and confirm a mutual interest before any personal information is dispatched.

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