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Registration: Client

You are most welcome to register as a client at Boardnames! A client at Boardnames is a company or organization looking for new Board Members, a new Board Chairman, an Adviser to the board or a member of an Advisory Board.

Our goal is for us to help you find the right candidate for your Board.

To assist with this, we have developed a completely new search tool. Based on your user defined needs and selected criteria, Boardnames will identifiy relevant candidates within our pool of candidates.

To maintain a high quality service and nurture candidate interest, we reserve the right to assess and approve clients based on the submitted registration form.

We ask you to read our terms and conditions and privacy policy before you approve and submit the form to apply for approval to become a client.

Once the client registration is approved, a confirmation is sendt by e-mail together with current terms and conditions. of approved registration, and current conditions. Once approved the client will have immediate access to perform searches on this platform.

NB: Not opened.

Clients can submit the application form below today, but we will not start approving clients until we have built up a sufficiently large selection of good candidates. The client portal of Boardnames is expected to be launched in February 2021.

  • Kandidatsøker

  • Oppgi navn på den virksomheten du representerer.
  • Oppgi organisasjonsnummeret til den virksomheten du representerer.
  • Kontaktperson

    Oppgi opplysninger om deg selv, som kontaktperson for virksomheten. Er du allerede registrert som kandidat, må du som kandidatsøker benytte en annen e-post adresse.
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  • Passordet må ha en minimum styrke på Sterk
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